Quick update


Hi everybody. I wanted to take a minute to do a quick write-up on our progress.

We had another 3D printed enclosure prototype made for us which worked quite a bit better than the last model. The changes we made were successful but a few issues still need to be resolved before we can take it to production. We've gotten it just about as far as we can ourselves so we've been collecting quotes from companies that can make a few modifications to make it production ready. It's not much but we could use some outside help to ensure a high quality product.

We've had a few headaches with the Bluetooth but we haven't put a lot of effort into that just yet as the camera and OCR improvements have been the higher priority. It's not really a cause for concern at this point but will be something we need to address.

As far as the overall development timeline goes, we're still expecting a summer release date but it'll likely be toward the end, probably just before the start of the new school year.

Also, a few people have emailed us directly to ask about how to update their shipping address so I thought I’d also go ahead and address that. Indiegogo themselves put out a helpful guide explaining the process to do just that. The link to that guide can be found here. I’ll be sure to remind everyone again just before we ship out the orders but I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and mention in now.

Have a good weekend. :)

SHIPPING TIMELINE: Expected late summer