Processor selection/Packaging

(Olimex development board featuring an Allwinner A13 Cortex-A8 processor)

Hi everybody. I wanted to take a second to update you on our progress. We have two main areas of progress to share with you today. First is in regards to the chip selection. I mentioned last time that we were having difficulties getting the last development board hooked up. Well, we had our developer/manufacturer stop by our office to take a look at everything and see if he could help us troubleshoot. It turns out it was a simple fix and everything is up and working. We’re in the process of testing that chip out now. Because there are often long lead times to get development boards like this made and because we aren’t 100% sure this chip will be what we need, we ordered another development board featuring a different chip that we can test out if we need to.


(Blown up view of the packaging)

The other main area of progress to report on is the packaging. We’ve been in continued communication with a packaging producer out of California who is helping us design the packaging for the Read ‘n Style pen. They’ve drafted this proposal for us to review and okay. The package will consist of an outer box similar to what most smartphones come in, a smaller, inner box that will secure the charger and earbuds for safe delivery, a quick start guide to get up and running with the Read ‘n Style pen in a timely manner, and an insert that will hold and display the Read ‘n Style pen. We’re still working out the details of it but this should give you a pretty good idea of what it should be receiving in the mail soon. 

Have a good rest of your Friday and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Best wishes,