Getting to work

(Shane and Jamee setting up to test a new processor)

With the conclusion of the campaign fast approaching, we've begun to shift part of our focus back toward product development. Our team members all have day jobs so we typically meet in the evenings after everybody gets off work and eats dinner. This Friday we stayed until about 11pm trying to get a new development board set up so we can test a new processor. Our contract developer researched this chip for us and believes it will meet our needs, but asked us to test it out with our software to make sure before moving on. It’s important that we get this right the first time because the rest of the hardware will be designed around this one component. If we have to swap it out for a different one we would have to start over from scratch, delaying the project.

As you can see from the picture above, this is kind of a tricky ordeal. The we had to order a cheap, refurbished computer with the connection type we needed as well as a few other parts to make it all work together. Getting this accomplished has caused a bit of a hold up but we should be able to tackle this obstacle soon and move forward.


(Package design mockup)

Last Friday we also had a consultation with a packaging company out of California called Zenpack.  We're working with them to create a packing solution that will beautifully, securely, and inexpensively house the Read 'n Style pen, charger, and Bluetooth earbuds. The box itself would be like those that most smart phones come in and above is a rough mockup of a design we came up with.