Early August mini update

Hello everybody. We had a few new developments that I quickly wanted to share with you. First off, the hardware design revisions are now finished and so we should be able to get new prototypes started very soon.


We’ve also recently finished the graphic artwork for the packaging design, which you can see above. In addition to the graphics, the cutting files for the EVA foam insert, the layer of foam the pen will rest in within the packaging, is now done as well. The only thing left to do with regards to the packaging is to create the quick start guide, and work has already begun on it.

The button design is also now complete. The new part fits in and is trapped between the two enclosure halves. When the button is pressed the arm bends around the fulcrum and springs back into place when released. We’ve tested the button system out and it works and feels great.

The real interesting news, however, is what we’ve been learning about our optical system. Shortly after our last update was published we got the first images out of our custom optics. In the last couple of weeks, this is how our imaging has progressed:

yyyy (1).jpg

As you can see, we've begun to get some good results. However, right now we’re only getting these results under very specific conditions. Namely, by using an external light source while having the internal LED powered off. The main problem lately has been that when we try to take an image with the lightpipe powered on, the image has been getting washed out.


The good news is, we believe we’ve found the source of the problem. Above are a few pictures taken last night by Zack. In the first picture you can see that without some sort of barrier the LED illuminates the entire sensor which is what we believe is causing the washed out image. In pictures two & three there is a barrier between the LED and the sensor, a small foam block in this case, and you can see the difference it makes.


We’re working with our mechanical engineer, Josh, to update the enclosure design to include a feature that will encapsulate the LED/lightpipe interface and isolate it from the rest of the enclosure. With a bit of good fortune this will solve the problem and we’ll be able to get some better pictures under a wider range of conditions. This may or may not work, though I feel pretty confident, and this may or may not be the only problem that that needs solved. We won’t know until we are able to test it out. But things are looking promising right now.

Published Aug. 6, 2019