Big news this week!

Hi everyone. I’ve got great news to share with you today! Last week was very productive for all of us here, but especially for Shane. Shane took another week off from his day job to dedicate to Hidden Abilities and his hard work paid off in a big way. He was able to get all the benchmark testing finished which allowed him to make a processor selection, the biggest, hardest, and most important decision that needs to be made. 

(The Allwinner A13 is an impressive system on a module (SOM) processor used extensively in tablet computers)

With our new knowledge, Shane and I made a trip to meet with our developer/manufacturer, and share the news. He was happy to hear that things were progressing and was excited to get the chance to work with the A13 chip because he’d heard good things about it before. 

While we were there we also talked about the next steps that needed to be done. He said he’d work on getting a camera and accelerometer picked out for us, a MUCH simpler process than the processor. Before he does that though, he’s agreed to choose a bluetooth module for us to work with. That’ll allow us to send the ID number for that component over to the company that we’ll be working with for the FCC testing, and will let them get a head start on filing a “Declaration of Conformity.”

Once those three components are selected, the processor, camera, and bluetooth module, we’ll know the size and shape of the printed circuit board(s) we’ll need, meaning we’ll be able to move forward with the final design of the housing and the manufacturing of the vacuum forming molds for the packaging inserts.

Last week’s breakthrough was a big deal and it opens the floodgates for a tidal wave of new progress to flow through in the coming weeks. I hope you’ll share our enthusiasm for having reached this major milestone. Cheers.