4/2/2017 Update

Hi everybody. I wanted to give you a quick update today. We don’t have a whole lot to report on this time around, but that’s not to say that there hasn’t been progress, there has, it’s just that there hasn’t really been any new, exciting developments to talk about. The past two weeks have mostly been just continuing to work on the things that we have going. Jamee and I have been maintaining our relationships with our vendors, making sure things are in place and ready to go when the time comes, and ensuring that our T’s are crossed and our I’s dotted. Shane and Zack have been working on software for the camera and Bluetooth, respectively, and making sure it’s ready for when we receive the hardware our developer is working on for us.

With that, it seems like one of our developer’s other projects took priority over ours, so he had to put ours on the backburner for a week. We’ve been in close contact with him and it sounds like he’s working on it now, so he should have something for us here pretty soon. He was able to get us the FCC ID# for the Bluetooth chipset that we’ll be using, so we were able to get that sent off to Compliance Testing, LLC who will be helping us get the device FCC/IC certified, proving that it doesn’t emit any harmful radiation.

That’s pretty much the extent of what we have to talk about right now. If that changes, I’ll be sure to let you all know. With that said, I want to thank you all again for your continued patience and understanding. I know things aren’t happening as quickly as any of us had hoped, but I appreciate the fact that we haven’t been receiving a constant barrage of angry emails. Instead, we’ve been getting nothing but love and encouragement and that really speaks to how open and understanding and beautiful this community really is, and we are very thankful for it. We wouldn’t be having the successes that we are if it weren’t for you. So we’ll keep plugging away at this and let you know if/when anything exciting happens.


Current estimated ship date: April 30th-May 14th