PCBA Complete!

Hi there everyone! We’ve got some huge news! The main printed circuit board assembly design is complete! At 3:19 am we received an email from our electronics developer. He was letting us know it was finished and made sure to send over some files so we could get started on the next step. We’re sorry to have kept you in the dark for so long, we have been anticipating this news for a while now and we wanted to wait until it was done before putting out another update.

But it’s here now, so what’s next!? Our developer still has to finish one more small circuit board that will connect the camera, button, accelerometer, and LEDs, which he should be able to get done over the weekend. Compared to the board we received this morning, this camera board will be a snap. The only real difficult part for this piece is making sure the geometry is just right because the button and LEDs on it and it needs to be spaced just right.



One thing to note, now that the main PCBA is complete, is that the device will be about 25% wider in one axis than originally anticipated. The reason for this is because we went with a physically larger, more powerful processor capable of the real time reading feature. If we were to make it any smaller we would have lost that functionality, so there was a bit of a trade off. We’re happy with how it turned out though and we’re pretty sure you will be too once you get your hands on it. 



Shane and Zack have been working together to tackle the Bluetooth software. For about two weeks they were going through some significant troubles and things just weren’t going their way, but they kept pushing at the problem and figured out what was wrong. It was one of those problems that was tough to figure out the issue, but once you do it’s easy to fix. Jamee and I are extremely fortunate to have linked up with such good people. We're really proud of these guys and how they never give up.



We have a couple of important decisions to make within the next few weeks that could affect the ship out date, but as we see it today, the most likely scenario will put us shipping out  near the end of June.

Current estimated ship date: June 27th