Q1:    Which languages does it read?

A1:    Right now the Read ‘n Style only reads English. We have plans to expand into other languages after we are more established, but our primary focus is getting it working in English.


Q2:    We’ve used XYZ product before and the voices are so robotic sounding. How good are your voices?

A2:    Poor voice quality is something that Jamee has complained about since she started using her accommodations and she won't let us put out a product with poor voice quality. We've spent a considerable amount of time researching and evaluating nearly a dozen different text to speech engines and we’re very confident in our choice. If you’d like to sample the voices that we intend to use, you can do so here.


Q3:    Are you at all concerned about children using this INSTEAD of reading at all, and never developing their reading skills.

A3:    That’s a really good point. By no means is this meant to be a substitute for reading, just an aid to help students get through more material. The real value in reading, to us anyway, is not the reading itself, but the exposure to the ideas and concepts encoded in the text. If our invention is able to help a person achieve that, it has served its purpose.


Q4:    My kid has XYZ syndrome, do you think this device could help them?

A4:    You know your situation better than we do, but we think the Read ‘n Style pen will be able to help people with many different conditions, not just dyslexia. As long as the person in question has enough motor control to scan a line of text and is able to understand spoken English, there is a really good chance the Read ‘n Style pen can be an incredibly valuable tool for them.


Q5:     I already have a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that I like. Am I able to use those instead?

A5:     Yes you can! The Read 'n Style pen will work with most Bluetooth earbuds currently on the market. The Read 'n Style pen will also work with Bluetooth speakers as well


Q6:     What material will the Read 'n Style be able to read?

A6:     As long as the material is not handwritten and uses a somewhat common font style, the Read 'n Style pen should be able to read it.


Q7:     When will the Read 'n Style pen be ready for delivery?

A7:     We're expecting to ship out our first batch of orders by the beginning of summer. For the most up to date info regarding the development of the Read 'n Style pen, including a more complete and accurate timeline,  visit this link.


Q8:     What is your return policy?

A8:     We offer a 30 day money back guarantee during which time you may return the pen for any reason and receive a cash refund with no questions asked. (You pay return shipping). We also offer a 6 month limited warranty to protect against any potential malfunctions.


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